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Tax services

The highly professional team of professionals provides consultations in the area of corporate taxation, the law on VAT (taxation of supplies within the country and abroad), taxation of the income of physical persons; local taxes and fees; taxation with definitive taxes when making payments to foreign physical persons or legal entities; assessment of tax liabilities, optimization in the event of a change in the legal form (mergers, acquisitions and other managerial decisions), planning of income and profit from domestic and foreign legal entities and physical persons. Consultations on the implementation of treaties for the avoidance of double taxation. 

To give you assurance about your taxes, we provide:

  • Opinions on tax cases under any tax law;
  • Tax solutions in complex transactions or company transformation;
  • Tax planning for corporate and income taxes;
  • Preparation of objections to tax audit reports;
  • Appeals to tax audit reports;
  • Tax protection during tax audits and inspections;
  • Inspection for compliance with the tax legislation – tax due diligence;
  • Consultations on the tax effects in international operations and avoidance of double taxation;
  • Appeal of penal decrees for imposed pecuniary sanctions in connection with violations of the tax legislation.