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Wage administration is a delicate process which requires confidentiality and attention. We offer comprehensive payroll services to our clients. This includes preparation and processing of all documents related to the work provided by employees, to social and health insurance. Representation and defense before the Labor Inspectorate and the other supervision authorities, in the event of inspections.

We provide consultations on employment law cases. We work closely with the legal team to resolve labor disputes quickly and smoothly.

In order for you to be protected in the event of an inspection by the supervisory authorities and in the disputes with your employees, we offer:

  • Preparation of all types of employment, free-lancer and management contracts;
  • Registration of the new or terminated contracts in NRA;
  • Preparation of payrolls;
  • Calculation and determination of taxes and social insurance payments;
  • Preparation of bank documents for payments to the NRA;
  • Preparation and submission of declaration forms 1 and 6 for reporting the social insurance and taxes due and paid;
  • Filling in employment record books and social insurance books;
  • Preparation of documents, reports and employer certificates in connection with the termination of employment contracts;
  • Registration in the Labor Inspectorate;
  • Preparation of all types of documents which are necessary according to the requirements for work health and safety;
  • Assistance for concluding a contract with an Occupational Medicine Service;
  • Defense in the event of an inspection by the Labor Inspectorate bodies;
  • All types of consultations in connection with applying the labor and social insurance legislation.