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Legal services

CC Taxlex provides to its clients the full package of legal services in the area of commercial transactions and contracts, company law, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, administrative law, labor law, legal representation.

In order for you to avoid legislation-related problems and problems with your counterparties, we provide:

  • Registration and transformation of companies;
  • Preparation of all types of contracts;
  • Participation and/or representation in negotiations;
  • Assistance to reach out-of-court agreements in commercial or labor disputes; 
  • Representation before civil and arbitrage courts in commercial, labor and tax cases;
  • Appeals of penal decrees for imposed fines and pecuniary sanctions;
  • Legal assistance in tax audits and inspections;
  • Advice on the collection of receivables from defaulting debtors; 
  • Advice on the defense from creditors and declaring bankruptcy;
  • Advice on commercial, tax and administrative law;
  • Advice on the sale, merger, acquisition or split of companies; 
  • Advice on the purchase-sale of or on creating rights on real estate and other assets;
  • Advice for foreign nationals who wish to do business in Bulgaria.