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CC Taxlex provides a complete range of accounting services to its clients. This includes processing of primary accounting documents, keeping the necessary registers, preparing interim and annual financial reports, preparation and submittal of all types of declarations and different types of reports for the needs of the management of the company. Representation and contacts with the tax offices and the national revenue agency. We apply a customized approach in organizing and optimizing the financial and accounting processes of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Sorting, classifying and processing of primary accounting documents;
  • Control of the conformity of the primary accounting documents with the national legislation on accounting and taxes;
  • Preparation of the necessary internal and secondary accounting documents;
  • Accounting for and reporting of business transactions, according to the provisions of the accounting legislation and the applicable accounting standards;
  • Preparation and filing of statements under LVAT;
  • Preparation of reports and providing information for the needs of NRA, BNB, NSSI and NSI;
  • Annual closing of accounts, preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns for the year;
  • Interim closing of accounts, preparation of interim accounting statements;
  • All types of registrations – under LVAT; under the Law on Protection of Personal Data; in BNB; and any other registrations, depending on the specific activity;
  • Drawing up an accounting policy;
  • Consulting related to the accounting legislation;
  • Providing an address for correspondence with NRA;
  • Preparation of reports on overdue receivables and payables.

In addition to the ongoing accounting services, we can be useful in several other areas. We prepare financial credit justifications, forecast budgets and business plans.